Reflections of a Mom Pre Mother's Day

As Mother’s Day rapidly approaches, I find it an especially important time to reflect not only as a mother of two amazing boys, who certainly keep me on my toes, but also as a daughter, granddaughter and simply as a women, who as so many others, daily, perfects the art of juggling and multi-tasking more efficiently. Certainly, as a Mom, I have truly learned the meaning of giving and loving limitlessly and unconditionally. 

Sounds easy, but let's be frank, it takes patience beyond normal comprehension, strength greater than what we think we have in us, and truly, there is no manual that prepares any parent for all the stages of raising another human being. We as Moms are all figuring it out, hoping to raise someone that will hopefully contribute to this world in a positive way, leaving it a little bit better than how it was before our children entered it.

There is so much sweet and inspirational content all around us this time of year. An ideal image of a perfect Mom; what actually does that look like, and is there even such a thing, what does that even mean? Really, there is no such thing! I believe that the most powerful place for me as a mother, which pretty much sums it up in a single word is gratitude. Being grateful for what is or isn’t, and simply accepting that everything is exactly as it is supposed to be.

May this Mother’s day provide you with a greater sense of love, presence and total gratitude.