Be afraid and do it anyway!

Happy Friday 🧚‍♀️

Let's start with me mentioning that I get super super nervous and I am horrified every time I need to or would like to do a live stream 😱

Earlier this week I did a live Facebook stream from a packed class I was teaching in front of a big group of people and the Facebook live audience...and I totally and entirely fell flat on my face. 🙈

Regardless of the reasons, though justifiable, they are irrelevant. 🙊

I do not regret it for a second becaus it was me, it was genuinely real and sometimes that’s what happens❣️

There is no other way, but to always move forward in the face of fear, no matter what, because fear will always try to hold us back 😱

Don’t let it hold you back, you’re stronger than that fear 💪

What is something you did this week that was scary for you, and did it work out❓